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After 12 years in the trenches of Seattle tech companies, I decided it was high time to take what I’d learned and try to help others who might need marketing and e-commerce assistance. So here I am, ready to consult and advise, and write.

I specialize in digital marketing and e-commerce, with an intense focus on improving the customer experience. If I learned anything at Amazon (and I learned a whole bunch), it’s that starting with the customer and working backwards truly is the key to long-term success for any company. This total customer focus is my passion, and my strongest asset.

My goals are simple: to help you understand this virtual jungle we call the internet, how it can function as a powerful, personalized marketing tool for your business, and how your site can increase sales, efficiently.

I’ve worked on large and innovative product launches and their respective storefronts and email marketing campaigns: Kindle Fire. Kindle Content. Amazon Magazines. Amazon Instant Video. Prime Instant Videos. Amazon Canada. Microsoft Press (back when there was such a thing). Cavallino Magazine. I’ve been personally responsible for hundreds of millions of emails, and large-scale, executive-level corporate branding seen by another few hundred million people globally. And, just as importantly, I’ve used the data generated by those marketing channels to improve the next iteration, and the next.

You’ll see me write a lot about the aforementioned customer focus, which is a direct result of those nine years as a marketing manager at Amazon.com. And my love of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations no doubt stems from the three years prior that I spent as an online channel marketing manager for Microsoft.

Finally, the infographics, photography, and graphics I present to you on this site are all my own, unless otherwise notated. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription.

If you’d like to know even more about me, please visit my LinkedIn page for specifics on all those projects I mentioned above. And if you want to get in touch with me, I’m on Twitter and Facebook, and even Google, but if you’re old-fashioned, we can just use email.

Thanks for reading!

— Noelle

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