Twitter Hashtags: How to Game the System (Infographics)

In a recent Annotated Graphic Series post on Twitter, we dissected the layout of a Twitter page, and mentioned the definition of  Twitter hashtags:

“Hashtags are how topics are quickly spread around the world. Like a mention, where the “@” automatically creates a link to that user, a “#” sign creates a hashtag which automatically links to any keyword. In this example, if I clicked on #autocorrectfail, it would show me the tweets of everyone who’d recently used the same hashtag. You can use this in your marketing to help other followers find you, based on search terms they might use or click on.”

We’ve since found two infographics, courtesy of Social Caffeine and Lori Taylor, which provide some quick and simple hashtags built for success – and how to use them. Take a quick look and see if integrating these tags into your posts help attract new followers.



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